Thursday, 17 August 2017

Paedophile who raped 4-year old gunned down and hung in Yemen

Mother of a four-year-old girl who was raped and murdered has told of the profound joy she felt  at the execution of her daughter's killer by machine gun.

Safaa al-Matari's parents said justice had been done as the little girl's father spoke of his 'happiness' that the murderer had been punished in 'spectacular way'.

The paedophile Hussein al-Saket, 25, was shot five times before his body was strung up from a crane in front of a large crowd in the Yemeni capital Sanaa's Tahrir Square for Saffa's abduction, rape and murder.

Speaking exclusively to MailOnline the girl's mother Amal al-Matari said:

 'I am very happy that the killer has been executed.
'I felt so relieved even after it had taken all this time – one year and eight months ago.
'I am more than happy and content now that justice has been done.
'I know my innocent daughter Safaa will now rest in peace and in heaven.'

Her father Muhamad Taher al-Matari said:

 'I am so happy the killer of my daughter has finally been punished in such a spectacular and deterrent way so that he would set an example for all to see.
 'My tribe, family and I tahnk all those have have sympathized with us in Yemen whether they are Muslims, Christians or any other religion because attacking innocent children is forbidden by God and all religions.'

Safaa's mother revealed how heartless al-Saket snatched her 'beautiful' daughter while she was giving birth to her youngest brother in November 2015.
 'I was giving birth to my youngest son, Saleh, who is now 20 months old when Safaa who was playing outside our house disappeared.
'We live in a small village with of some 400 people. We are all farmers who know each others and there are a lot of abandoned houses around.
'I told my husband to go and search for Safaa which he did with a few members of our family.
'Around 7am he went into the village mosque and told everyone there that our daughter Safaa had disappeared.
The uncle said: 'All our people were cooperative, we were all one family, Safaa's family.

'This crime was even more shocking because all the men in the village, including the killer and his six brothers, joined us in the search for Safaa.

'We searched everywhere but when we found a shovel in one of the abandoned houses, the killer and all his brothers suddenly vanished from the search party.

'We are farmers and all our farming equipment is marked and therefore we could identify that the shovel we found belong to the al-Saket's family.

'We entered an abandoned house, we found Safaa's body buried on the third floor.'


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