Thursday, 24 April 2014

Chris Brown To Remain In Jail For Months After D.C. Trial Postponed

Chris Brown will have to remain in police custody until at least June to get his day in court to defend himself against allegation his punched a man in the in front of the W hotel back on October 27.
The singer's bodyguard, Christopher Hollosy, was found guilty on Monday, April 21, when a judge ruled that he wasn't justified in punching 20-year old Parker Adams in the face on the night in question. Hollosy will be sentenced on June 25.

Christopher Hollosy
Brown is also accused of punching Adams, who claims he just wanted a photo with the singer. Brown says Adams tried to board his tour bus without permission, sparking a confrontation between Hollosy and the victim.

Brown denies striking Adams, who suffered a fractured nose as a result of the skirmish.
Brown's trial was delayed because Hollosy plans to appeal his conviction and decided not to testify out of fear he could incriminate himself. Brown's day in court could be pushed back as far as six months depending on Hollosy's appeal process.
NBC News 4 reports that a request to the L.A. judge Brown's probation case for him to be released on his own recognizance was denied. He will now be sent back L.A. for a May 1 court appearance. A judge could decide to free him then. If not he will remain behind bars in Los Angeles where he's been since March 14.

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