Thursday, 21 August 2014

UNIVERSITY SAGA SUGU by @Realbabymouth

Note!! This is a fiction! Not Real

I gave my life to Christ officially at the age of 16 (5th of Feb, 20000000) after I finished my secondary school. People thought I did that because I wanted to have a good result, but trust me, I really didn't  know why I gave my life to Christ, but I was happy I did, sha. (Chai, pastors’ work no be beans, oo). Even my family members were surprised about my sudden change from being the GOOD one to VERY GOOD one or from anything, jere.

Some months after I gave my life to Christ, my result came out and I had 7 c's, 3 b's and 2 d's .... JESUS!!!!!!! I couldn't believe my eyes because I thought giving my life to Christ would give me a very very very good result but wasn't surprised because I know I be OLODO. I was asked to choose the university I would attend (Choi! The decision wasn't easy because going to a federal university would make me backslide.