Thursday, 19 February 2015

Video: 21-Year Old Rapper Rymir Satterthwaite Claims Jay Z Is His Dad

A 21-year old rapper from New Jersey is trying to prove that Jay Z is his dad. 
Rymir Satterthwaite's Godmother, Lillie Coley, filed filed a paternity suit in a New Jersey civil court in December 2014, seeking a DNA test from Jay, real name Shawn Carter, to determine if he's Rymir's dad.

World's first penis REDUCTION surgery

A 17-year-old boy in Florida is thought to be the first person to undergo penis reduction surgery. The teenager requested the operation after his penis (pictured on an X-ray) grew too large
A 17-year-old boy has undergone the world's first penis reduction surgery, surgeons claim.
The American teen requested the surgery after his penis grew too large, restricting his ability to have sex or play competitive sports.
The boy's surgeons were shocked when he came to them complaining that his penis was too big. 

When flaccid, it measured almost seven inches in length and had a circumference of 10 inches - around the size of a grapefruit.

Video: Girlfriend smashes up car she just bought for boyfriend after catching him cheating in it

Pic shows: Caro, the girlfriend and the radio show presenter scratching the car with a key. A cheating boyfriend got his comeuppance when his fuming ex smashed his prized BMW to pieces - on live TV. Jilted Caro Vogel, 25 from Upper Austria in Austria had caught love rat Chris Roth, 27, romping in the back seat of the black beemer she had bought him because she hoped it would help him get a job. She said: "I was absolutely livid with him. "I had bought that car as a present and to find him shagging some cheap tart on the back seat was just too much." Furious Caro then contacted local radio show the Ex Men whose presenters help cheated partners get their revenge. She said: "I had heard about the show, and decided the best way of getting back at him was to contact them." After writing in and explaining what had happened, the main presenter, who calls himself Captain Luke, accepted her request. He and a fellow presenter are then filmed destroying the brand new BMW 3-series, laying into it with a sledgehammer, axe and baseball bat. And after laying into all the panels, they then used a huge mechanical digger to impale the engine and finish the job. Caro said: "They systematically smashed it to pieces. "It was great fun, and I donít regret it at all. Chris, who still has no job and will therefore be unlikely to get a new car anytime soon, was furious about the stunt and could be heard shouting down the phone at the presenters when they called for a comment, saying: "Are you mad? That was my car, you complete retards." (ends)¿¿
Caro Vogel thought buying a car for her boyfriend would help him get a new job.
But instead, it got him a ‘cheap tart’.
Caro caught her now-ex-boyfriend Chris Roth, 27, having sex on the back seat of the car and turned to a local radio station for help in getting revenge.

Video: Watch this 75-year-old propose to the woman he divorced 40 years ago

Manchester United Sign 16 Year Old Belgian Wonder Kid

Belgian attacking midfielder Indy Boonen, 16, has penned a three-year deal with Manchester United

Manchester United have completed the signing of Genk midfielder Indy Boonen, according to reports.
Boonen, 16, who has been a target for Arsenal and German club Wolfsburg, has been training with United for the last few weeks ahead of a deal.

Chelsea likely to sign Paulo Dybala for £29.5m

Chelsea likely to sign £29.5m 'world's most wanted striker'

Chelsea have reportedly moved into pole position to sign Palermo superstar Paulo Dybala at the end of the season.
Dybala, who is rated as the most sought after forward in the world, had looked likely to join Arsenal – with the Gunners making a bid for his services.

Police Find Drugs In Florida Man’s Mouth And Butt Crack


Gainesville Police (US) arrested a local man early Thursday after they found a bag of weed in his butt and a bag of crack in his mouth.
At about 12:30 a.m., officers stopped Winfred Alphonso McAllister Jr., 23, on Northeast 23rd Avenue and Northeast Second Street after police saw his red Mitsubishi Galant swerve into the left turn-only lane and back into his original lane twice, according to a police report.