Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Take Down of #TomiLahren and Her Rant About #MerylStreep's #GoldenGlobes Speech.

Man sets stepdaughter on fire


Thomas McClellan, 25, was said to have allegedly sat on his five-year-old stepdaughter's chest and stabbed her before setting her ablaze because she asked for a snack.

McClellan Says he was angry because Luna, the little girl refused to leave his room and insisted that he gave her food, during courts preliminary hearing on Thursday.

Woman watches as her boyfriend rapes, tortures, posions and strangles her 14 year old daughter to death

In what can only be described as a sick, twisted act, a mother in order to fulfil a fantasy she and her boyfriend shared killed her 14-year-old adopted daughter in her home in Abington, Pennsylvania, USA.

Sara Packer watched as her boyfriend, Jacob Sullivan, raped her daughter, Grace Packer. Afterwards, the couple went on to beat the teenager and poisoned her. When Grace survived that up till the following day, she was strangled and to cover their tracks, the couple packed Grace’s body with cat litter to hide the decomposing smell and stored it in the attic. They eventually dismembered the body after being scared by a police visit and scattered it in the wilderness where some parts were found by hunters.

Video: Intelligence Chiefs Told Trump That Russia Attempted to Compromise Him

Cabin Crew show off lavish lifestyle that are perks of the job on Instagram

Flight crew members have taken to Instagram to give their followers a look at their lifestyle away from the cabin. From being paid to travel various countries, to stopping over at dream destinations and visiting tourist sites.

Ray J kicked off Celebrity Big Brother after being hospitalized amidst claims of neglect

Ray J is in the hospital and angry at UK "Celebrity Big Brother" for letting him suffer for days in extreme pain to the point he blacked out before getting any medical assistance. After his complaint of neglect, he got kicked out of the house just 1 week after the show started.
According to  TMZ, 3 days ago, Ray J developed "extreme tooth pain" and complained to cast members and producers about his pain.