Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Man in China sentenced to 6 years in prison for growing a beard

A Uighur man in China has been sentenced to six years in prison for 'provoking trouble' because he grew a beard. Above, a rare photo of two men from the Uighur minority who were not involved in the court case

A man in China has been sentenced to six years in prison for 'provoking trouble' because he grew a beard.
The 38-year-old from the Uighur minority received several warnings before attending court in Kashgar, local newspapers reported.
His wife was also given a two-year sentence for wearing a veil that hid her face.
In China authorities widely discourage growing a beard because they say it is linked to extremist ideals. The Uighurs vehemently dispute this claim.

Woman sets husband ablaze for refusing to take her out

Echoes of the last Valentine's Day which was celebrated the world over on February, will continue to resonate in the home of the Oluseguns in Ado-Ekiti, the capital of Ekiti State, as a woman, Bukola Olusegun, allegedly set her husband on fire because he refused to take her out on the day.
The state Police Command learnt that the couple had had an argument about the outing with the wife maintaining that her husband must take her out that day to celebrate together but the man reportedly refused to take her out as requested without knowing that his wife had intentionally reserved some fuel which she eventually poured on him after the scuffle in the middle of the night.

Teenager Kills Boyfriend For Attempted Rape

The police in Lagos have arrested an 18-year-old lady, Kafayat Olawale, for allegedly stabbing to death her boyfriend, Ojo Ijabike, 32.

The incident happened on Friday on Olutola Adebayo Street, off Idimu Road, in the Alimosho area of Lagos State.

Investigations revealed that Ijabike, an indigene of Owo, Ondo State, had attempted to forcefully have carnal knowledge of the suspect when there was a scuffle between them.

Man burns down pregnant girlfriend's home because she refused him sex

A sex starved man burnt his pregnant girlfriend's home because she would not have sex.

The police in the Philipines are currently on the hunt for 28-year-old Aminodin Macadaag after he burned down his pregnant girlfriend's house because she refused to have sex with him.
The five-months-old pregnant woman, was said to be angry with Macadaag over an earlier argument and refused to have sex with him, prompting him to burn down her home in anger.

14-yr-old boy gives out contract to murder his entire family

A young boy offered a contract for his family to be killed.

In an unprecedented and funny scenario, a 14-year-old boy has been arrested after he hired two of his classmates and gave them a contract to murder his whole family.
The boy who cannot be named as he is a minor, has been arrested by the Florida police and he told them that he had been upset for getting grounded over bad grades.
He said he built up anger towards members of his family, and this led him to hire his classmate to kill them.

Video: Russian man sets ex-wife on fire because she refused to go back to him

A 33-year-old Russian man, Alexander Efimov, has been sentenced to 18-years in prison with hard labour after he was found guilty of murdering his ex-wife by pouring gasoline on her and setting her ablaze because she refused to get back together with him.
CCTV surveillance footage at the grocery store the 25-year-old woman worked caught the incident on camera and it was through the evidence that Efimov was convicted.

Woman stabs husband in chest over okra dispute


A woman has settled a dispute with her husband with a stab from a knife to his chest. The cause of the dispute? Okra.
A friend of the family told Stella Dimoko Korkus, that the husband had returned home to find his wife cutting okra in their bedroom.

18-yr-old girl kills man who attempted to rape her

Bloody knife

An 18-year-old girl, Kafayat Olawale, has been arrested by the police in Lagos for allegedly stabbing her boyfriend, Ojo Ijabike, to death during his attempt to rape her.
According to a police statement, the sad incident happened on Friday, March 26th, at Ijabilke's residence on Olutola Adebayo Street, off Idimu Road, in the Alimosho area of the state.

Man beats wife to stupor for over-celebrating election result

Man beating his wife

The presidential and National Assembly elections held on Saturday, March 28, 2015, turned out to be a disaster for the family of Raphael Abiodun, a commercial motorcyclist, after he  allegedly beat his wife, Bose, to a stupor for over-celebrating the outcome of a result in their local government.