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Crime: Police Arrest Suspected Cultists In Ogun state

 No fewer than 17 suspected cultists have been arrested by the police in Ogun state over their involvement in the state.
No fewer than 17 suspected cultists have been arrested by the police in Ogun state over their involvement in the state.
The disbelieves were allarrested in the Iperu area of the state after they were allegedly found in a suspicious gathering. Some of the suspects narrated how they were initiated into cults and how they were apprehended by the police.

The state Commissioner of Police, Ikemefuna Okoye, disclosing the arrest during a recent press briefing,  said that policemen from Iperu Division, received information on March 2 that the suspected cultists could be up to something dangerous as they were gathered in their number. The police commissioner stated further that detectives attached to the police station went after the boys and arrested 17 of them.
Items were recovered from them are two axes and a locally-made single-barrel gun, Okoye added, saying that his Command would not tolerate any act of hooliganism or criminal tendencies, capable of jeopardising the smooth security networking on ground in Ogun State. Mr Okoye reiterated the determination to provide adequate security of lives and property to all residents of the state.

In an interview with the arrested suspects, one of them Adeleke Ogungbe(29) said : “I joined Eiye cult in 2010. I was in a party at Ijede area of Ikorodu when I was taken somewhere and told that I had been initiated, with a strict warning not to tell anyone. Then I did not have a job, but I renounced in 2012 immediately I secured a job. 
Other members did not know this and each time there was cult clash within the town, I would be fingered because people thought I was still a member of Eiye cult. I felt there was no need to inform them of my renunciation because I used to go to church and no longer attend any meeeting”.
 “On the latest happening, I was on my way home at about 9p.m. when I saw about 40 boys shouting Aye! Axe men! I ran back to save my life because they knew I was once a member of Eiye cult. I rushed back to my friend, Taiwo, to borrow an axe so that I could use it to defend myself as I  went home. On the way, I saw OPC people who said they already saw a member of the Black Axe cult running away. They said I should drop the axe I was holding if I was not part of them”, another suspect Ogungbe narrated.
Ejona Kofi Gbejiah (Ghanaian):  “I am a Ghanaian but was born in Nigeria. My father is late but my mother is still very much around in Nigeria. I live at Ogere-Remo, Ogun State. In December, 2013, I was at a party at Kollington area, Agbado, Lagos, with my friend, Femi, who invited me when he asked me to move closer to where he and others sat. I did and I was taken inside an unoccupied house. They asked me to remove my dress and started beating me. After this, they threw alcoholic drink at my face and said I had been initiated into Eiye cult. They also collected my phones and the money I had with me on that day. I once sold Indian hemp and was also smoking but I have stopped the sales. I was arrested when I came to Ogere town to see my mother.”
 Azeez Onayemi (21):  “I joined Eiye cult in January 4, 2013. It was not that I voluntarily joined. What happened was that anytime the cult members saw solid handsets with young men like me, they would take us to a corner and forcefully collect the phones from us. They would frighten us by saying we would die if we dared tell anyone. They spewed alcohol into my face and said I had been initiated”. To avoid them, I ran to Lagos State to learn how to operate a barbing salon. I came back to Iperu to learn hairdressing and was on my way to work when a clash erupted between Eiye and Black Axe cult groups.
Fadare Jamiu (20): “I joined cult in January 2014. I used to work as a labourer to feed and take care of my school fees. I was at work in Ikorodu, Lagos State when some fierce-looking men came. We even thought they were land grabbers. That was how I was initiated”.
Awodele Olatunji (22): “I belong to Black Axe a.k.a Aye cult and I joined in November 1, 2013. We went for catering services; when it was evening, I sat with a friend of mine, Bayo, whom I liked. His friend was also there. I saw them speak into each other’s ears and suddenly, they asked me to lie down flat”. They beat and gave me alcoholic drink, after which they said they had initiated me into Black Axe cult. They further said that I would be taken to one of the universities to complete the rites. Since then, I have not seen my friend. I was not involved in the fight that led to the arrest of others but was just picked as a suspected cultist

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