Friday, 25 April 2014

Naked witch found inside sealed gutter in Lagos

This morning, around 9am, a woman who confessed to be a witch was discovered in Lagos.
The incident happened around Abalti Barracks, just before Ojuelegba in Surulere, Lagos.
Eye witnesses say she was caught inside one of the drainages/gutter which had a tight burglary iron as cover.
A passerby noticed someone stretching out a hand from a very small hole in the 6ft deep gutter just in front of the Barracks, calling out for help. The passerby quickly ran into the barracks to draw the soldiers attention to what he saw.
As a result of the alarm raised, a huge crowd gathered. 

A welder was sent for who came with a machine. They managed to cut open the iron cover and the woman was brought out.
When asked how she found her way into the tunnel the woman said:
My name is Amudat Jimoh, It was God that sent me here, He (GOD) said I should confess my sins so that I don't die, please I need water to drink, help me, I don't know i found myself here, please help me..."
The soldiers however didn't let reporters get more details from her.
Later, some people in the crowd said she confessed to witchcraft saying that she went for her meeting transformed as a bird as usual, and a fight ensued or something like that. As a result she fell uncontrollable as a bird from the sky and landed inside the covered drainage. It was inside the drainage that she transformed back into her human form.
She was however very lucky and escaped lynching because soldiers managed to keep the crowd at bay.
An ambulance was then called and she was taken away.

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