Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Floyd Mayweather could earn $70 million for 36-minute fight

Thanks to Money Mayweather for providing yet another example of just how incredibly lucrative elite boxing can be.
Mayweather maintained his sterling 46-0 record with Saturday's victory by decision over Marcos Maidana and hauled in a cool $32 million for his efforts, but that might not even be the half of it.
His bounty may rise to $70 million once the pay-per-view numbers are released, according to CBS Las Vegas, meaning that Mayweather might have earned $70 million for 36 minutes in the ring. Simple math – hold on, carry the two – and that's nearly $2 million per minute. 
Here's Mayweather's post-fight boast:

Saturday's fight was arguably the toughest of Mayweather's 16-year career. One judge had it at 116-112, while another had it even at 114-114. The AP scored it 115-113 in favor of Mayweather. Maidana, for his part, thought he won, despite throwing (and missing) far more punches than Mayweather.
“I think I won the fight,” Maidana said afterwards. “He didn't fight like a man.”
Maidana came on strong in the opening rounds, flustering Mayweather with a fourth-round head butt that temporarily blinded the welterweight champion. But Mayweather, forced to win the later rounds to defend his streak, was far more accurate than his counterpart.
Regardless of outcome, boxing fans were treated to one of the biggest near-upsets in years. And there might be another bout.
“If the fans want to see it again, let's do it again,” Mayweather said.

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