Thursday, 1 May 2014

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Goes To Rehab


Rob Ford, who has been beset by scandal since reports of him smoking crack-cocaine first surfaced last May, is taking a leave of absence and will suspend his reelection campaign so he can “deal with his issues,” he said in a statement Wednesday.

Ford’s decision to step away from his reelection campaign was announced Wednesday night, as a Toronto newspaper revealed the existence of a new videotape of him getting high.

Reporters for Toronto’s Globe and Mail viewed the video, secretly filmed about 1:15 a.m. Saturday in the basement of a home owned by Ford’s sister, Kathy, an admitted drug addict who was present during the puff-a-thon.

The video was not released, but a still image shows Ford handling a pipe, exhaling a cloud of smoke and frantically shaking his right hand. A self-professed drug dealer shot the video and has offered to sell it to media outlets for a six-figure sum. The dealer described the substance Ford was smoking as crack, the newspaper reported.

Ford initially denied he was a crackhead last year after reports surfaced of a video showing him getting stoned. While the video was never made public, Ford eventually admitted he had smoked crack.

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