Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Shocking Video: ISIS fighters discussing "buying and selling Yezidi slaves".

A shocking new video purportedly shows Islamic State fighters casually discussing how to buy and sell Yazidi women as slaves.
The women belong to the Yazidi minority group in Iraq and were abducted by the radical Islamists earlier this year.
In the video, the militants are heard discussing the possibility of trading a combination of guns and banknotes in return for a female slave.

One fighter is heard to open the barbaric negotiations, saying: ‘Today is the day of (female) slaves and we should have our share, where is my Yazidi girl?’
Another fighter is heard to mention that ‘the price differs if she has blue eyes’.
A young boy is also seen giggling, as the militants ask him if wants a Yazidi slave and if he can ‘handle her’.
The Yazidis have suffered some of the most extreme violence since the Islamic State began their offensive in Iraq this summer, including summary executions, rape, and torture.
According to UN figures, an estimated 500,000 Yazidis have been forced to flee their homes to the Sinjar Mountains and Kurdish strongholds in northern Iraq since the beginning of August.
It has also been that reported 2,500 Yazidis are being held by Islamic State fighters.
A report released last month by Human Rights Watch detailed interviews conducted with Yazidi women and girls, in which they described being sold to IS militants as slaves, despite some of the girls being as young as 12.
Whilst the women interviewed by Human Rights Watch were fortunate to escape their captors, Human Rights Watch also reported that many more remain imprisoned and regularly subjected to beatings and sexual assaults.

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