Monday, 16 February 2015

‘I’ve slept with 3,000 men. And I’m married’

'I've slept with 3,000 men. And I'm married'

If you ever think you’ve slept with one or two people too many, think about Marie Calvert.
She claims that she has had sex with 3,000 men over the last 35 years. She is married.
In fact, in one night, the 63-year-old says made out with 14 men and that 3,000 figure might be an underestimate.
Marie told The Guardian that she had only slept with one person – her husband – until she was 28 but then he left a swingers’ magazine he got from a workmate.
At first she ignored it, but then started leafing through and decided to give it a go.

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