Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Video: Driver caught 'using mobile and laptop while listening to headphones'

Driver caught 'using mobile and laptop while listening to headphones'

Imagine, then, coming across this guy who appears to be looking at his mobile phone with his laptop turned on and wearing earphones.
He was captured in a blue Land Rover Discovery on a cyclist’s headcam during rush hour traffic.
And now he’s facing a chat with police.

The video was shot in busy Queen’s Road, Aberdeen, and uploaded to YouTube by a ‘vigilante’ cyclist known only as Aberdeen Cycle Cam. Initially, the driver can be seen apparently looking down at his phone as he cruises past the cyclist.
But when he gets stuck in traffic and the cyclist catches up with him, the full scale of his in-car gadget collection is revealed.
In a description to accompany the video, Cycle Cam writes: ‘This bloke is driving a Land Rover in town, looking at a mobile phone, laptop and wearing headphones on both ears.
‘Not only is he not paying any attention to the road, I suspect he’s not even on this planet.
‘I was truly surprised when I saw the laptop with the screen on and the headphones on both ears.
‘I was ‘just’ expecting him to be on his mobile phone, as I see dozens of times every day.’

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