Thursday, 12 March 2015

Singer Angie Stone Arrested After Allegedly Knocking Out Her Daughter's Front Teeth During a Fight

"No More Rain" singer Angie Stone may be known for her roots in calming, neo-soul music, but was anything but calm Monday night, as according to a DeKalb County Police report, the soul singer got into a full-blown physical fight with her daughter, Diamond Stone, where she knocked the young woman's front teeth out.

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Angie isn't denying it, but says she did it to defend herself because her daughter punched her first. Diamond says the fight started because Angie ordered her to get her two kids (Angie's grandkids) under control and they started arguing, leading to their physical confrontation. Angie picked up a metal stand to defend herself and accidentally hit Diamond in the face, knocking out two teeth and bruising her lip.
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When she realized the damage she'd done, she put the stand down and attempted to get away from her daughter, but Diamond followed and they continued to fight until a family friend stepped in and broke it up. Both women were taken into custody and questioned. Diamond was released and Angie was booked and charged with domestic aggravated assault.
Diamond denies ever hitting Angie, and even went off on one of her followers calling her out for being 30 and still living with her mom in the first place. 
Diamond is Angie's daughter with Rodney Stone of the classic Hip-Hop group, Funky Four Plus One. She also has a son, Michael, with fellow soul singer D'Angelo. See Angie's mugshot and Diamond's injuries above.

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