Friday, 27 March 2015

Woman who tried to ‘boil her husband’ jailed four years

Woman who tried to ‘boil her husband’ jailed four years

A woman who tried to “boil her husband” by pouring scalding water over him after being told they were “getting divorced” has been jailed for four years.
Ken Gregory, 65, was the victim of a horrific domestic abuse attack which left him with first and second degree burns to his back and scalp after his wife Teresa Gilbertson, a former special constable, poured boiling water over his head in their bungalow in Peterborough last year. The scars from the assault remain and may never fade.

The court heard that the attack had been a “very deliberate attempt to boil her husband.”
Prosecutor Thomas Brown said: “The marriage had become extremely strained and there were underlying difficulties concerning money, the conduct of Teresa Gilbertson and her unrealistic expectation of what he could provide, reports The Independent.
“She was demanding money for doing housework and to buy cars.”
On the day of the attack, Gilbertson went to make a cup of tea but returned with a two-litre jug of freshly boiled water, which she poured over her husband’s head, causing “excruciating pain.”

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