Friday, 17 April 2015

Man who raped young men he met at beer pong tournaments sentenced to 150 years in jail

Joey Poindexter

A Maryland man convicted of raping young men he met at beer pong tournaments has been sentenced to 150 years in prison.
Joey Poindexter, 40, of Gaithersburg, was found guilty earlier this year of sexually assaulting five men at his home.
Investigators seized video evidence Poindexter kept at his home suggesting there were at least 25 other victims.

Prosecutors, who had asked for a 200-year sentence, say the real estate appraiser had been preying on young men for a decade at beer pong tournaments in the Washington DC and Baltimore areas.
Police investigated when a student alleged he was sexually assaulted after meeting Poindexter at one such competition in a College Park, Maryland, bar on 3 October 2013.
The student woke up the next day at Poindexter's home with his clothes on the floor and a hazy memory of being in a shower with him.
The victim went to police, who had him record a conversation with Poindexter.
"If it makes you feel any better," Poindexter told his victim, "I don't have any [expletive] AIDS, if anything did happen." 
After investigators made a public appeal, other victims came forward.
Poindexter represented himself in court after firing his lawyers, speaking about himself in the third-person as he subjected his victims to cross-examinations.
Prosecutors suspect that Poindexter, who claimed the sex was consensual, also drugged his victims to incapacitate them.
Jurors saw surveillance footage from outside one bar which showed how one of the victims could barely stand up as Poindexter walked him out.
Detectives obtained search warrants to seize Poindexter's mobile phone and a hard drive from his computer where they found he had filmed his assaults. 
Beer pong is a drinking game popular among US college students in which players compete to toss ping poll balls into cups of alcohol on a table.

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