Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Anorexic Girl Who Survived On 39 Calories A Day Says Love Saved Her Life

A teenager has revealed how at the height of her battle with anorexia her weight dropped to shocking three-and-a-half stone resulting in her being hospitalised. 

Chiara Schober, from Liechtenstein, has opened up about her battle which doctors said saw her risk her life and she has praised her boyfriend for helping to save her. 

The 19-year-old student said that stomach pains and a family death saw her eating disorder spiral out of control and at her worst she was surviving on just 39 calories a day. 

But with the love and support of her boyfriend Jason, Chiara was able to address her problems and overcome her anorexia. She is now a healthy weight and eats 'anything that is put in front of me'. 

She said: 'I feel so lucky that Jason has helped change all that, he's seen me at my worst so I know he loves me for me.' 

'When Jason met me a year ago I was a completely different person. At one point I weighed just three-and-a-half stone - when I look back now I can't believe it, I was just skin and bone,' she said. 

'I was eating just a peach a day, I couldn't bear the thought of eating it was like I was punishing myself,' the language student explained. At the time Chiara was eating very little and it was at this point that doctors told her she was risking her life. 

Chiara said: 'When doctors told me my body wouldn't be able to cope much longer without food I knew it was now or never. 

'That's when Jason stepped in and encouraged me to eat more, he would take me out for meals and buys snacks like popcorn for us snack on. Soon I found enjoyment in eating again, he helped me recover mentally too.' 

'I'd always dreamt of getting married someday and having a family of my own, Jason made me realise what life was really about again. 

Chaira says her eating problems stemmed from suffering from stomach pain in her early teens. She explained: 'In my early teens I started suffering from bad stomach cramps and I felt permanently full. 

'I began to feel guilty when I ate as I never actually felt hungry so I started eating less and less as I didn't want to eat for the sake of it.' 

The thought of eating sometimes left her suicidal and she would spend months in hospital. She said: 'Recovery wasn't easy but I would recommend anyone in a similar position to see a doctor or therapist as soon as they notice an eating disorder.' 

Last summer Chiara released from hospital after her she managed to get her weight just above six stone. 

Chiara said: 'After leaving hospital last year I haven't looked back since.I'm now in control of my emotions and have become a lot fitter and healthier, I never want to go back to losing weight like I used to. 

'I'm now in a really good place and I'm surrounded by supportive family and friends and the best boyfriend I could wish for.' 

'I now have a future to look forward to again and I can't wait to live my life to the full now.' 

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