Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Five-year-old boy Playing ‘Spiderman’ Jumps from 40ft High Window With Umbrella, Survives Without a Scratch

A five-year-old boy jumped 40ft out of a window “like Spiderman ” and miraculously survived the incident with hardly a scratch.
The youngster, whose name was not revealed and photos were censored, suddenly leaped out of his third storey flat’s living room with an open umbrella, his mum said.

Amazingly, he didn’t break any bones in the fall, according to surprised doctors at Croatia’s Zagreb hospital, where he is now recovering.
A neighbour said the boy told doctors he was trying to copy Spiderman when he jumped out of the window.
According to local Nova TV reports, his 32-year-old mum, Zeljka V, believes the umbrella may have even saved his life. She claims it could have slowed his fall and pulled him away from the apartment block’s concrete path.
However, there is no evidence the umbrella helped the young lad to survive.
His mum explained: “Everything happened in a second. In one moment he was missing.
“In the living room, he climbed in the window and jumped with an open umbrella.”
She added: “Thank God he didn’t break anything. I think God saved him.”
Neighbours said they couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw the kid hurtle past their windows on his way down.
Romana Totgetrgeli Cakanic, 38, said: “I heard some kind of rustling by the window.
“I thought that something had fallen off the roof. I looked out and I saw the little man lying on the ground.
“I ran outside very fast and I asked the boy how he is feeling. He said that he was in pain in his back and his legs.
“He was conscious the whole time. He told the doctors he was trying to jump like Spiderman.”

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