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“Magun” Explained Scientifically: Why Some Couples Get Stuck During Illicit Sex

For years, news about couples getting stuck during sexual intercourse have made the rounds, and what usually follow such are intrigues, condemnations, scorn, jeers, and all manner of negative sentiments that demonstrate societal repudiation of such acts. Such story usually involves a married woman and her lover. As such, society usually ascribes the phenomena to “Magun” spells, or charms placed on wives by husbands to ward off prowling males who angle for clandestine sex with the women.

Wives are “private estates” which must be guarded by all possible means, including diabolic ones. This is a societal consensus, and it works where prevalent, notably in rural or semi-literate environments. Even occurrences in cities have been mainly within illiterate or semi-literate people.
This author is yet to read about any case that involve very educated people; eg top politicians who -by far- sleep with married women more than any other groups, professionals, bankers, doctors, lawyers, engineers, architects, and all other highly skilled professionals. Usually the victims or patients (that is what they are really) are traders, artisans, farmers, carpenters, bricklayers, etc.
The seeming selective effectiveness of this “charm” or whatever names they go by, needed to be investigated or researched. Could this be something purely biological, and not spiritual? More important question is, why is this voodoo consistent and never misses? When was the last time one saw a consistent and never-failing charm, such that works regardless of conditions and location? Often one comes across magic performers who perform all manner of stunts with sharp knives and nails in one location, but never repeat such in all other locations. There are countless stories of armed robbers who operated with “bullet proof charms” protections; but then one day they are gunned down by regular police operatives. So, what is so different about this Magun thing that makes it effective at all times?
In order words it must be a scientific machination, because only science reproduces the same result always.
So, decided to research the matter, and following are associated findings.
It turned out that there are two separate biological phenomena occuring in women and men, sometimes simultaneously, to create such “entrapment” or a “locking”. The first is a rare vaginal floor spasm in woman called Vaginismus which forcefully closes (literally) the hole in the vaginal floor deep inside the vagina. The name of this muscle is called levator ani, and is a very strong muscle that inexplicably shuts down before the vagina can be penetrated in certain cases. This occurs in select groups of women. It is a form of defensive mechanism built into the woman’s resistance against forced sex.
The second phenomenon at work in these cases is called joystick Captivus, and is indicated by sudden swelling of the joystick while inside the vagina during sex. The joystick simply engorges and keeps engorging until the couples are locked in place. The first known documentation of such event, according to an article discussing this phenomena in the British Medical Journal was in 1729.
Several other similar cases were also discussed in this journal article.
What is consistent in all of such events as discussed by researchers is that, apart from incidents that involved illicit or clandestine sex by wives, there are also cases that involve normal couples, an example of which was a young couple on a honeymoon who got trapped also.
The other important fact from the literature is that all the cases were resolved without any form of voodoo or witchcraft.
But, by far the most important finding was that these events are caused by a form of panic attack often associated with stealthy acts, especially of the amorous kind. During such encounter, the men were too excited and too eager to complete the act; while the women were too excited and often may have had strong orgasms during the act which trigger both joystick captivus and vaginismus simultaneously leading to powerful locking in place. In the case referenced earlier involving the legitimate couple, it was found that the locking only lasted for a few minutes instead of the hours associated with most publicly recorded cases. Researchers concluded that, perhaps, the legitimate couple only had incident of joystick captivus not accompanied by vaginismus.
All the cases that lasted for hours were couples embarking on clandestine sex, often between a married woman and her lover. The reason advanced was that vaginismus was triggered by the women.
So, a married woman and her lover are likely to experience a combination of joystick captivus triggered by the man’s penile engorgement due to faster heartbeat occasioned by stealthy sexual activity, AND vaginismus triggered by a woman’s powerful orgasm, or her natural defensive mechanism that helps her to ward off a would-be rapist. If the man’s joystick is already inside the vagina, and the woman orgasms, or panics due to fear of being caught in the act, she could trigger vaginismus; and when the man notices such powerful clamp on his joystick, he may trigger his own joystick captivus, and the couple thus gets powerfully locked up.
This seems to be God’s, or nature’s way of discouraging illicit sex.
In resolving majority of the cases, however, the women were administered with chloroform, or anesthesia, which “deflated” their muscles and set the couples free. Nearly all the cases involving strong ties were separated in hospitals, not voodoo houses or by way of strange incantations.
In one case where a couple got stock while having sex inside a church, they were separated after a prayer and some cold water. This opinion speculates that the effectiveness of the prayer is easily explainable in that the couples were made remorseful of their obvious sin; nothing kills erection better than a good sermon.


This piece recalls an article about a woman who said that her only orgasm in life had been while cheating on her husband. This can help to explain why this phenomenon is prevalent among married women more than single ones. This is a perfectly scientific phenomenon which can even happen to normal couples. This piece also about a woman who accused her husband of placing a Magun charm on her, but which caught the husband a few times. One then wonders why the “charm” caught its apparent owner. The information presented here also explains why this incident is rare among the educated class who would know to quickly engage the services of a doctor whenever such happens. Even lying down in one place for hours can seemingly resolve this after all muscles must have gone back to normal; but obviously such hours wouldn’t be available to couples embarking on “quickies” hence the reason they are caught most of the time. Therefore, unless there is a proven herb administered by native doctors to trigger both of these biological events during clandestine sexual activity, it is advisable to keep the native doctor far away from the scene.

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