Wednesday, 14 June 2017

I'm Leaving Nigeria for the US in 48 Hours - Man Cries Out After Being Kidnapped in Delta State (Photos)

A Facebook user identified as Prince Gwamnishu Harrison, has taken to the social networking platform and shared photos of him crying as he revealed his plans to leave Nigeria to the United States of America after he was abducted and robbed by men of the underworld few days ago in Delta State.
According to his online post, he was accosted by the criminals while returning from Agbor and was robbed of about N200,000 cash. The hoodlums also held him hostage for hours as they collected his ATM card and requested for his pin. He was finally released after the money in his account was withdrawn and his phones and other valuables were collected.
He revealed further that his captors offered him cigarettes and Alomo Bitters before dropping him close to a village in Ughelli, Delta state.
Here's how he narrated the story online;
Terrorism, kidnapping, Armed Robbery will never cease in a country where the so-called leaders are criminals and terrorists in disguise. #MichaelBassey
"11th June at about 7:00pm I was returning from Agbor. It was raining that evening. Getting to a flooded area, a Toyota Hilux Van white color with Siren Crossed my way and immediately I thought they were police officers.
Though the Hilux plate number reads 'PILOT'. They quickly opened their door, two of them were holding a Gun and forced me out of my car and dragged me into the Hilux Van. One of them that came down was told by the man sitting in front to go and drive my car.
They took my Phones, wallet containing my ATM Cards and #30,000 I have with me in my pocket.
They drove me to Azagba Ogwashi and close to Ogwashi Uku Polytechnic, they entered a lonely Bush road. Drove to a distance and stopped.
The other gang member who drove my car came and handed money to the one in front of the Hilux. This was #170,000 he took from my car. I was asked to unlock my phone which I did and they were going through it. Then they requested for my ATM pin which I gave them. The one in front told one of them to take my car to the bank.
This time I was more relaxed knowing is they money they wanted. I was asked who among my family members can raise money so they can release me. In what look like buying and selling, I replied them 'Like how much' and he said Ten Million.
I told them my elder brother can raise such amount but he died few years ago. That I have nobody except my wife, father and mother. I told them to look into my phone and see pictures of me and poor people. It was a confession moment.
Few hours later, the one that left with my ATM Card, returned with money and handed it over to the man in front. The man in front who I think is their leader asked me how much I can withdraw a day using ATM, I replied 100k. He then told his men that they will stay in the bush till 12am so they can go and withdraw more money.
They offered me cigarette and Alomo bitters (I don't smoke) but I couldn't refused. That period I tried to fit into their shoes.
I used every lessons I learnt in Prison yard to deal with the situation.
I smoked with them, drank with them and shared my job details with them.
There was no Sleep. They keep going through my phones, I could see facebook background from the screen.
Early morning the next day, around 12:00am the other guy left with my car and later returned and handed money to the gang leader.
The gang leader told the one using my car to drive my car and park along the express that they are taking me along with them.
They drove out and parked my car along the express and turned back to Ogwashi Uku Polytechnic road, down to kwale Junction heading to Kwale - Ughelli.
This time I don't know where they were taking me to. I was imagining how they got the HILUX VAN with Siren mostly used by politicians.
Hours driving we arrived Ughelli and they blind folded my eyes and the Vehicle navigated. I noticed it was a bad road due to how the car was shaking. We drove about 30minutes.
They started calling my contacts and later called my wife and demanded 10Million. The other guy told the gang leader Let's waste this guy. I was then pushed down from the car with my eyes blind folded and drove off"
Things don't go wrong and break your heart so you can become bitter and give up. They happen to break you down and build you up so you can be all that you were intended to be.
Thanks to my wife Cynthia and all of you all for your prayers and supports.
To my family MWF2017, JLAA am already In love with every one of you.
Barr. Kingsley Ughe Daddy Gabriel Giwa-Amu web Wen Yuan Jing Ughelli JLAA, Asaba JLAA
God bless you all.

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