Tuesday 26 September 2017

Swingers party goes bad when 'jealous' wife attacks husband with minivan

Amber Schomaker reportedly tried to hit her husband and the couple they were swinging with using her minivan. She was charged with three counts of assault with a dangerous weapon

A swingers party in Michigan ended with a 'jealous' wife allegedly trying to run her husband over with Dodge Caravan.

Police say Amber K Schomaker, 28, was at the Bay City party with her 31-year-old husband and another couple. He went upstairs with the other woman while she stayed downstairs with the woman's fiancé, according to MLive.com.

When Schomaker's husband and the 26-year-old woman came back downstairs, she allegedly slapped him and ran outside. She reportedly drank almost a fifth of vodka that night and had a blood alcohol level of 0.156.

Schomaker's husband, the woman and her fiancé all ran outside after her. That's when she is accused of climbing into the maroon minivan and speeding over the sidewalk towards the trio.
The woman called 911 to report Schomaker who allegedly sped away after her husband and the fiancé narrowly jumped out of the way of the vehicle.

Schomaker soon returned, armed with a screwdriver she later told police she used to start the minivan. She is accused on then trying to use it to get inside the house. 
Police say she started attacking her husband who ended up with a bloody gash on his forehead.  He later told deputies his wife launched the assault because she was jealous.

When police arrived, they arrested Schomaker and her husband. He was apprehended for violating a personal protection order that listed his wife as the protected party.
While she was being taken away, Schomaker started insulting the officer saying she hoped his wife was cheating on him.  

The night ended with Schomaker charged with three counts of assault with a dangerous weapon.  

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