Monday, 11 December 2017

Meet 6 Year Old YouTube Millionaire who Made $11 Million Reviewing Toys This Year

If you haven’t heard of Ryan’s Toys Review, no one can really blame you, I mean, it’s literally all about a kid who unboxes toys and reviews sweets.

But Ryan is no ordinary 6-year-old, he’s a YouTube sensation who is the face of one of YouTube’s biggest kids channels.

With over 10 million subscribers and an average view count of 2 million per video, Ryan is in serious dough and it is estimated that the toddler made a cool $11 million in 2017 making him one of the highest earners on the platform, this coming from Forbes’ annual list of the highest-earning YouTube celebrities.

The account began in 2015 when Ryan, then a four-year-old fan of toy-review videos, asked his parents why he couldn’t also review toys online.
Ryan ToysReview started out slowly until a July 2015 video went viral.
Ryan has so far been pretty level headed about his celebrity status as he doesn’t even know too much about it.

Asked when the channel will shut down, Ryan’s mother has said that it’s up to Ryan to decide and that the moment he is tired of making videos, or bored the channel will close down.

The channel tends to review new toys or kids’ food products, and the videos usually feature enthusiastic commentary from Ryan with off-camera guidance from his parents.
Ryan’s biggest video remains “GIANT EGG SURPRISE” in which he unboxed a container with over a hundred toys from Pixar’s ‘Cars’ series. The video has over 800 million views.

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