Friday, 29 December 2017

Woman's botched nose job left her with an implant sticking out of her skin


A woman who got a nose job was left with a crater in her face after the silicone implant from the botched cosmetic procedure burst out of her skin.

The woman had reportedly opted for a cheap rhinoplasty at a clinic, with the hopes of getting a more pronounced nose. However, following the procedure, the woman began suffering from infections and later inflammation around the area of her face where the surgery had taken place.


Later, the silicone implant began to stick out of the top of her damaged nose, between her eyes. The clinic in the Thai city of Hat Yai where she had the procedure reportedly refused to help at this point.

The unnamed woman then sought out medical professionals near Thailand's capital Bangkok, where one plastic surgery hospital is said to have provided her with pro bono treatment to have the implant removed.


Pictures show the woman's nose now left with a crater where the silicone implant used to be. It is still unclear how medics plan to repair her botched rhinoplasty.

Meanwhile, photos of the woman's experience have since gone viral on social media, with cosmetic surgery clinics across the country sharing the snaps as a warning to nose-job-hunting woman.


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