Saturday, 6 January 2018

Emmanuel Eboue is alive - Report

The news today about the death of former Arsenal and Glatasaray defender Emmanuel Eboue is outrageously fake and a depraved attempt at gaining traffic by some blogs and website.

A certain GLOBAL NEWS website published an article that claimed Eboue commited suicide on Thursday by hanging himself on a fan, the said article also claimed police are unsure if his death was perpetrated by someone or indeed a suicide.

This claim is most likely coming from a mentally debased personality that would use Eboue ongoing personal crisis to engineer a death news for the purpose of gaining traffic.

The article provided no link or reference other than the mentioned of the “Police” and no other reputable media house has published the news given the intense media interest in Eboue’s divorce story just a fortnight ago.

Since speaking to the MIRROR and receiving offers of legal advice through the MIRROR and job from Galatasaray, Emmanuel Eboue has not been seen in public nor has he granted a further interview but to suggest he took his own life is depraved and a new low in peoples desperate attempt for attention.


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