Wednesday, 24 January 2018

How 19-Year-Old Student Killed His Ex-girlfriend And Had Sex With Her Corpse.

A student gave a horrifying account of how he strangled his ex girlfriend and raped her as she lay dying. The 19-year-old Russian student, Artyom Iskhakov, told Tatiana Strakhova’s parents in the appalling online message how her heart was still beating, so he stabbed her and then had sex with her corpse.

He then paused to eat sandwiches, boasting that several hours later he repeated the depraved sex act.

Jealous of his 19-year-old ex-girlfriend’s relationship with another man, the talented IT student wrote that his actions were ‘terrible – but I did what I wanted’.
He then hanged himself moments after finishing his post by asking forgiveness from his and her parents, and telling them where to find the bodies.

He said: ‘I’ve ruined the happiness of several people, and for what? In the end there is only one emptiness that will swallow me up.’

He claimed he was driven to kill her because of his obsession of wanting sex with her.

‘I got mad because of thinking of ****ing her so much that I killed her.’

But several hours later he wrote: ‘What have I turned into? Sorry. I cannot atone for my sins.

‘I’ll go kiss Tanya (Tatiana) on her cold forehead and prepare (for my death).

She lies there dead and cold with no moving fingers – farewell, goodnight sweet princess.’

To his own parents he admitted: ‘I am a complete disappointment to you.

‘There is no way back. Remember something good about me at least sometimes. I did not think that everything would end like this.’

Police are investigating the deaths.

Source; DailyMail

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