Friday 5 January 2018

How a pair of glasses led to the death of two friends in Lagos

Two childhood friends, Yusuf Sanni and Ahmed Sosan, have lost their lives on a tragic note after a fight broke out between them on Alhaji Alla Street, Morcas, Agege, Lagos State.
The fight which took place on New Year’s Day reportedly resulted from Sanni’s refusal to lend his friend, Sosan, who is a Chadian, a pair of glasses.

According to Punch, Sosan went to visit Sanni and met him at the frontage of his residence, chatting with other friends. Sosan was said to have asked to borrow the spectacles used by the victim, who declined the request.

Afterwards, Sosan reportedly attempted to get the glasses forcefully and the situation degenerated into a fight, during which Sanni beat him up.
Sosan went home in anger only to return a few minutes later with a knife which he used to stab his friend. The policemen from the Alabo Police Division were alerted to the incident but when they came Sosan had been mobbed and beaten only for his dead body to be recovered after police intervention via tear gas spraying.

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