Monday, 29 January 2018

Reasons Why I Use The 'Wide-mouth' Filter - Instagram Comedian, Lasisi Elenu Finally Reveals

While speaking in an exclusive interview with PUNCH Newspaper, popular Instagram comedian, Musa Afolabi a.k.a Lasisi Elenu, has spoken out on his use of the ‘wide mouth’ filter which he applies in all his video skits.
Here are excerpt from the chat;
Why do you use the ‘wide mouth’ filter for your skits?
I like the feature because it gives me a distinct look and voice in my videos, thereby making them to be unique. I had been using the feature on Snapchat but when I learnt about Instagram and that the feature was also available on it, I didn’t think twice before adopting it for my skits. And so far, the feedback from people has been good. People like the way I use the filter in my videos.
Where do you draw inspiration from while creating your skits?
Many ideas go on in my head and I write them down if I don’t have my phone with me. Some of those ideas are as a result of my frustration or tiredness. I always try to turn every experience, whether positive or negative, to an inspiration. And it doesn’t have to be a big experience. My inspiration sometimes comes from small experiences.
For instance, I might be looking for fresh bread in the neighbourhood and if I don’t get what I’m looking for, I get tired and frustrated and from there, it could become the theme of the next skit I’m creating. I also listen to people when they share their experience. Through what I hear, it can also motivate me to create a skit. But overall, the desire to become better day after day is the major source of my inspiration. When I wake up, what I think about is how to make better impact on the lives of people through my skits.
So, would you say you have made impact on people’s lives through your skits?
Yes, I have and it’s in a great way that has given me joy. I have received tons of messages from Nigerians complimenting me regarding my skits. Some would say when they were in the hospital on the sickbed; it was my skits that made them not to give up on life. They would tell me my skits kept them happy and sustained them throughout their stay in the hospital. Some would tell me they were once frustrated but that my skits made them to have a rethink about life.
Some would say that when they lost a friend or family member, my skits made them to smile and forget their sorrow. Others would say when they lost their job or relationship and they were down, my videos helped them to wade through those hard times. Sometimes when I read the messages, it pushes me to work harder towards putting smiles on more people’s faces. And I promise to do that. So, yes, I have made impact on people’s lives through my skits.
Before using the social media to post your skits, what were you using the platform for?
I was a writer and songwriter, so I used the platform to share my songs, but since I discovered the comedian in me, I have used the social media, especially Instagram and Snapchat, to post my skits. So, right now, what I basically use the social media for is to promote my comedy career.
Is comedy a talent you developed while growing up or has it always been in you right from childhood?
I was just a normal guy, I never thought of becoming a comedian, but I guess some people saw the comedian in me because they usually told me that I was funny. I never knew I was - until I started. Today, I have no regrets of who I am.
What is the feedback you get from your family and friends regarding your skits?
It’s been good. They love what I’m doing and they are proud of me.
Have you ever posted a skit that you regretted making afterwards?
I have never regretted posting a skit online and this is because I take my time to analyse and review whatever video I make before posting it. I don’t just make skits because they are fun; they must pass a message across to the people, so if it doesn’t contain any message, I won’t post it.

Have you ever had a reason to block anyone on your social media pages and for what reason?
None at all! Things don’t get to me easily. I think I have a thick skin, so it does not matter what people do to me, I don’t get easily pissed off. Some would say negative things about me, some even try to condemn what I do, but I have learnt to allow people air their views, whether negative or positive. What I do and what I would encourage anyone to do is to learn from the dirt people throw at you.
If people piss you off and you start blocking them, that means you might block almost everyone in the long run. Meanwhile, you never know if your strongest critic or hater today will become your biggest fan or lover in the future. That’s why I simply overlook any naughty behaviour from some fans. 

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