Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Man Allegedly Kills Sex Worker Whom He Hired To Celebrate His Son’s Birth

A 31-year-old man shot dead a woman sex worker who he hired for a party to celebrate the birth of his son while his wife was in maternity hospital, say state prosecutors in Russia. The man named Konstantin Zaytsev had invited a number of his male friends and three “prostitutes” to his flat in the Russian town of Minusinsk.

At the time, his wife Elena Postnova, 23, was recovering at a local maternity hospital after giving birth to his son.

During the party, Zaytsev got into an argument with one of the women 22 year old Snezhana Chepsorakova over her demand for an additional payment for staying longer than previously agreed, it is alleged.

According to police and prosecutors, he suddenly grabbed a hunting gun and shot her in the head.

The woman, a single mother of one, died on the spot, they said.

A spokesman for the state prosecutor’s office in the Krasnoyarsk region of Siberia said: ‘A man was celebrating at his home the birth of his child in the company of friends and women who provide intimate services for money.

“At night, there was a conflict between the owner of the apartment and one of the women over payment for services during which the man killed her with a shot to the head.”

The Investigative Committee, in charge of probing serious criminal cases in Russia, said: “Currently, the suspect is being questioned, and does not admit his guilt. “He claims that the deceased shot herself. “The investigation of the criminal case is continuing.”

He is suspected of murdering Ms Chepsorakova, officials conformed.

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