Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Pretty Nigerian Woman Reportedly Attempts Suicide After Her Boyfriend Broke Up With Her (Photos)

A beautiful Nigerian woman has allegedly attempted to take her own life after she was jilted by her lover. The woman identified as Itunuoluwa Ogunwuyi took to Facebook to wish her friends a goodbye saying that the world is a wicked place.
She wrote on Facebook: "(feeling heartbroken) Friends i want to travel, I don't think I will come back again....thank you all for the love."
In another of her post, she had alleged that she was heartbroken: “I don’t have other choice than to cut it short. I got betrayed by a man I deeply love, he claim he loved me too, people warned me about *** state men, but I didn’t listen, ***** *** you cut my life short due to your sweet words, YOU! To my people this is my account details ***** password ***. Let the world know about me and learn from me, Sorry mum, sorry dad, I can’t hold it to people I may disappoint. ****** ***, I still love you by my spirit, and no one will ever love or have baby for you in your life, Keep this date. 20-2-2018. Good bye to this wicked world. Itunu."
She later added: "I appeciate to those sending message and call but I can not pick any call or reply anybody again, it is over, this is how I wrote my own destiny, but warning to you all, never trust or believe anybody in this life including your family, good bye, a lady with Golden heart as gone, I want to be reign when I die more than when i was alive."
In a final post, she wrote: "Good bye to this wicked world, my assignment as be complete."
Here are other of her updates and suicide note:

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