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Nick Gordon arrested for violating no contact order against his girlfriend

Nick Gordon arrested for violating no contact order against his girlfriend

Nick Gordon has been arrested for violating a no contact order banning him from going near the on-off girlfriend, Laura Leal, who he has repeatedly been accused of beating, can reveal.

Gordon, who was found legally responsible for the death of Whitney Houston’s daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown in a 2016 civil suit, was booked into jail in Sanford, Florida, just before midnight.

Deputies had received an anonymous call alerting them that he was spending the night with Laura Leal, 26, despite a judge ordering them to stay apart.

Gordon, 29, was slapped with the no contact order following his previous arrest on March 10 for allegedly punching Leal in the face and pulling her hair as they drove home from a bar.

Officers had found Leal with a busted lip after arriving at Gordon’s home following a late night disturbance and nabbed him for battery domestic violence.

She later refused to press charges and even wrote to the judge asking for the order to be rescinded because she supposedly wasn’t ‘in any kind of fear or danger’.

However the order remained in place Monday night ahead of an April 6 court appearance and when deputies acted on the tip off they found the couple together at Gordon’s home.

Online records confirm Gordon was booked into the John E. Polk Correctional Facility on a charge of violating pre-trial conditions for his domestic violence case and ‘may not be bailed’.

It is the third time Gordon has ended up inside the same jail since he and Leal began dating one year

Leal refused medical treatment and declined to press charges but the arrest was based on Leal’s injuries and her statement.

Gordon was given a bond of $500 and was released from custody on the basis he didn’t contact Leal.

In her letter asking for the no contact order to be dropped, Leal said of her injuries: ‘In reality my lips were chapped and dry. It was in no way due to any kind of harm or hit.’

She went on to say Gordon was not at fault and she was entirely to blame for the dust-up.

‘I suffer from severe anger issues in which Nick has been an incredible support to get my act together,’ she writes in the letter, obtained by celebrity news site Blast.

‘I am responsible for what happened that night and want you to know what a great person Nicholas truly is.

‘When I have episodes, he helps to calm me down and prevents me from doing anything that could make things worse.’

Gordon’s latest brush with the law comes just weeks after Bobbi Kristina’s father Bobby Brown came out and shockingly said he wanted to see him locked up and ‘raped’.

Brown told Rolling Stone that the wrongful death lawsuit wasn’t enough and he wanted to see Gordon punished.

‘He’s still walking around free,’ Brown raged. ‘If he was locked up somewhere where somebody can rape him, that’s just how I feel. He raped me by taking my daughter away.’

Daily Mail

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