Sunday, 8 April 2018

67-Year-Old Pensioner Stabbed By Younger Girlfriend When He Tried To Dump Her

A British pensioner was stabbed by his Thai girlfriend when he tried to break up with her. Kim Fuller, 67, was knifed by his furious girlfriend during a fit of rage. The pensioner had been trying to break up with Wasana Kande, 38, but she lashed out grabbing a nine-inch long kitchen knife plunging it into Kim’s stomach.

She fled the apartment in Pattaya, Thailand, following the attack last night but was caught nearby with her bloodied crop top in a plastic bag and confessed to the crime.
She told police that Kim wanted to break up with her and kick her out the apartment – which caused her to get angry and attack him with the knife.
Kim, originally from Blackpool, is now being treated at Pattaya Memorial Hospital.
Speaking from his bed after local police delivered a get-well hamper, he said: ”I’m so thankful that you caught her quickly. I’m very impressed with how quickly you did.
”I’m not feeling great, today. But I’m still alive and I’ll be better soon.”
Police Major General Nantachart Suphamongkhon said there was blood on the wall and a stained top on the floor when they arrived at the scene of the attack.
He said: ”Wasana was hiding in the neighbourhood but she was found and she confessed.

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