Tuesday 10 April 2018

Four persons ‘convicted of noise pollution’ in Edo

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The Edo State government says it has secured conviction against four persons for noise pollution in the state.

A Government House press statement on Wednesday quoted the state Commissioner for Environment and Sustainability, Reginald Okun, as having said that the government was clamping down on persons who violate laws on noise pollution in the state.

“There was a petition where someone alleged that his children find it difficult to sleep at night because of the noise in his neighbourhood, only for the children to go to school to sleep during the day,” Mr Okun said.

“It is sad how people set up external speakers and live bands outdoor, which disturb entire neighbourhoods.

The commissioner said the practice was common among religious centres, relaxation spots, and nightclubs.

“They do all these without considering its adverse effect on the immediate environment. The standard practice for use of speakers in such places is that they set-up some form of soundproof system to restrict the sound,” he said.

Mr. Okun said the government would not tolerate any disregard to the laws of the state, adding that his ministry was also trying to sensitise the people on noise pollution and the laws against it.

“The state government is working with the Police Command in the state. We are making effort to get the Commissioner of Police to get people to understand the proper use of siren, which is in emergency cases. We are also reaching out to the hospital management board to ensure when ambulances should use siren,” he said.

The commissioner disclosed plans by the state government to build sustainable recreation parks in the state.

He added that part of the plan is to develop new parks, while the existing ones will get a facelift before the 2018 yuletide season.

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