Saturday, 7 April 2018

Nigerian lady allegedly got fired over refusal to sleep with Indian boss

A Nigerian lady identified as @maami_Chulo on Twitter has narrated how her Indian boss sacked her because she refused to sleep with him.

She shared the post on Thursday, April 5 and it reads: “Guess who just got terminated for not sleeping with her boss, it’s me your WCW.”

However, going through her Twitter handle the young lady has deleted the post and changed her username to @blankblank1235.

Following the thread of her post on Twitter, one godOfwine @mr_dennesse said:
“Mr friend got fired too for not sleeping with an Indian supervisor in a factory along mile2 express before second rainbow bus stop. So crazy but it happens. She’s job hunting now.”

And in just a little moment, other followers began to troop into her thread to tell of their ordeal in the hands of foreigners who made attempt at them, but because they refused, they got fired.
A user chipped in saying Nigerians are the cause of the problem. According to him, Nigerians don’t take necessary actions when it is needed and it is high time people began to understand the labour la that governs hiring and firing.

He says:
The problem with Nigerians is that, we don’t take actions where it’s necessary. What does labour say about hiring&firing of employees? Do you guys check ur contract of employment? And has normal procedures followed ? Which department or ministry dealing with this kind of unjust.

A user identified as @beemotivates however stated that the foreigners that flout the rules and laws of the country that harbours them, should have their visas revoked immediately. As the action they perform here cannot even be done in the country they are from.

She writes:
Their visas should be revoked.
This is why I love oyibo; foreigners cannot come and be messing up your country

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