Monday, 17 February 2014

‘Magun’ saga: I Had sex With My Husband’s Nephew – Wife Confesses

‘Magun’ saga: I Had s*x With My Husband’s Nephew – Wife Confesses

The death of two brothers in Lagelu Local Government area (Ibadan) Oyo state has continued to cause controversy in Jagun village, their native home.
Kunmi and Niyi Adetokun, lost their lives in mysterious circumstances after reportedly both indulging in illicit affairs with their uncles’ wives.

One uncle, the former Balogun of Jagun, Olusegun Ojetade, is said to have been responsible for placing the native charm known as “Magun” on the women leading to the deaths of both his nephews.
The Balogun’s wife, Rachael, is said to have confessed to the affair with her husband’s nephew, Kunmi, which resulted in his death.
The Baale of Jagun, Chief Isiaka Akinpelu said: I called Balogun’s wife, Rachael, to get her side of the relationship between her and late Kunmi.
“She admitted openly that she had s*x with Kunmi and that there was a time her husband saw her with Kunmi and the husband challenged her and reported her to the oldest woman in the family.
I asked her again whether Kunmi had s*x with her and she answered in affirmation, saying that she did not understand how it happened and added that Kunmi must have used charms on her. In order not to embarrass her, I asked her to go and warned everyone not to insult the family, but to concentrate on what to do so that the life of the younger brother could be saved.
“I asked her husband what could be done to save the life of Kunmi’s younger brother, saying in Yoruba: A na omo naa lo mo aremo, meaning that it is the person who beats a child that knows what to do placate the child. Segun Ojetade replied openly that there was no problem concerning that as he knew what to do and where to get the antidote for the Magun.
“The following day, he called and demanded for transport fare to where he would get the antidote and I gave him N1000. On Thursday, December 5, 2013, he went to Oje area where Niyi was being taken care of. He was with Pa Adekanmbi, the family head, and Seun, Niyi’s brother. Seun called me and said Ojetade needed N4,000 for the antidote. I asked him to tell Ojetade to use his money; that I would refund him.
That was around 12 noon. Seun called me at about 7.30p.m. and said Niyi was dead. It was so painful that he died despite all the moves we made.

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