Monday, 5 May 2014

Toke Makinwa And Maje Ayida In Fake Marriage Scandal

Toke Makinwa And Maje Ayida In Fake Marriage Scandal
We all woke early this year to hear that Toke Makinwa And Maje Ayida were married secretly, which was one of the greatest surprise in the entertainment industry, the couple were formerly alleged to be separated over some differences and Toke had made us believed she was on her own.

That is not the story for today, there is an ugly rumour moving round that this marriage between Toke and Maje was actually fake, according to the source of this news, they had staged this marriage for a proposed TV reality show that has been put under the carpet since.

When Maje refused to go on with the show at the beginning and Toke abandoned it. This may not be true because Toke and Maje are happily married, sometimes, we catch them gushing about their union that was bedded in secrecy then.

We are asking this rumour source what happened to the TW magazine cover and the studio 53 valentine episode?
Everything is possible in the entertainment industry though, reality TV show has become something that can turn your life around.

We have seen couples give up their marriages’ dirty linings for their show to be approved by their viewers…Does it mean that Toke and Maje wanted to try their hands on this with their marriage and it turned out so good?

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