Friday, 28 March 2014

Clarion Chukwurah to Ibinabo Fabresima- 'Vacate Your Office As AGN President Now!'

Actress Clarion Chukwurah has called on the current President of the Actors Guild of Nigeria(AGN) Ibinabo Fiberisima, to resign from office as she has been appointed into a political office by President Jonathan. Ibinabo apointed by President Jonathan on the board of the National Council for Arts and Culture (NCAC) on February 26th.

In a two-page statement she released titled, Ibinabo and the AGN visit to President GEJ: Setting The Record Straight, Clarion Chukwurah said since Ibinabo has received the Federal Government's appointment, it is expected of her to vacate office as AGN President and face her new appointment, as Onyeka Onwenu and Kanayo O Kanayo her predecessors did. Continue...

"The AGN was not established as a platform to canvass for political appointments or pursue selfish interests. Ms Onyeka Onwenu and Mr Kanayo O. Kanayo listed as examples in her address, became card carrying members of PDP and pursued the realization of PDP’s political goals to obtain their appointments. Ms Ibinabo Fiberisima should resign as AGN president for her brazen use of a body created to serve the creative interests of a group, to gain political appointment while in office. I enjoin her to follow the respectable road of her named predecessors, by joining the PDP and testing the real value of her self-earned popularity as an actress for political appointment,” she said.
She also expressed her displeasure at Ibinabo taking some actors to the Presidential Villa, an act she saw as going to literally begging for crumbs

"While it is not surprising that Ibinabo Fiberisima will display such a lack of knowledge of what advances screen actors professionally in the developed world, since she has not functioned consistently as an actor, and has less than 10 titles to her credit in a career spanning from the late 80s, it is however surprising that the established actors within her entourage watched in compliance, the denigration of the integrity of Nigerian screen actors, as she read her requests literally begging for crumbs from the president’s table,” said Chukwurah

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