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Nigerian Medical Doctor Shot Dead By Her Husband In America

I read an article few years back about the growing trending of Nigerian men killing their nurse/doctor partners in America. Click here to read the article 

Now this again:
A 63-year-old Nigerian  man was charged with murder after he confessed to the shooting death of his wife around 3 a.m. Saturday in west Harris County, Texas in the United States.
Martin Ebegbodi went to a neighbor's house and asked him to call police after getting into a fight and then shooting his wife, 36-year-old Isioma Ebegbodi nee Unokanjo.
The Harris County Sheriff's Department arrived at the house in the 19700 block of Youpon Leaf Way and arrested Ebegbodi.

Martin Ebegbodi and Isioma J Unokanjo were married on February 11, 2005 in Harris County, Texas with Marriage certificate number 018430.

The deceased was born in 1978 in Nigeria
Killer: Martin Egbegodi
Per Second news gathered that the marriage has witnessed several storms. 
In 2008 the Ebegbodi filed a law suit against the secretary of health and human services in a vaccine injury act supposedly against their son, NDIDICHUKWU MAXIMILLIAN EBEGBODI.
In recent times reports of Nigerian men killing their wives has increased in the United States.
Few weeks ago a 33 year old Babatope Owoseni was arrested in East Orange, New Jersey in connection with the death of his wife who was nine months pregnant at the time of her death.

26 year old Fatoumata Owoseni was found unresponsive at the 39 South Munn Avenue apartment she shared with Babatope. The police have not released information on how he allegedly killed her. Babatope has been charged with her murder and is being held without bail at the Essex County Corrections Facility.
This cancer of wife killing by Nigerian husbands is fast spreading, and the Nigerian society is getting numb and used to it, as one of the social maladies of our times.  A heinous act, which hitherto would be very abominable that people are shocked to their bone marrows, is today seen with minimal indifference.
Few years ago, another Nigerian Mr. Kelechi Charles Emeruwa, 41, from Old Umuahia, Abia State, was charged with, and convicted of the first-degree murder of his estranged wife, 36-year-old Registered Nurse, Chidiebere Omenihu Ochulo.  Kelechi had finally lost it and stabbed his wife, with her own kitchen knife, so many times that the fountains of blood left on Julius Caesar paled in comparison, until she gave up the ghost.
Chidiebere had just returned from her father’s funeral in Nigeria.  Kelechi had protested vehemently to what he described as a lavish burial, of course, she wouldn’t hear any of it after-all she made the money.  She had the misfortune of returning to an angry, frustrated maniacal husband who took her kitchen knife to her and carved her up. It was on New Year’s Day, in her townhouse in the 4200 block of Dunwood Terrace, in the Silver Spring suburb of Burtonsville in Montgomery County, Maryland.
Recently In Tennessee, a Nigerian man after taking it for so long, lost his cool and shot his Registered Nurse wife as well as his hitherto mother in-law to death with a shot gun. According to the account this RN wife was married from Nigeria a pauper and brought to the United States by this man, who trained her in school as a registered nurse. Soon after her qualification, the demon in her was let loose and it became one torment after another, with one police call after another followed by sleep-over in police cells and it went on and on ad infinitum. After a protracted battle with the authorities at the wife’s instigation, this man lost his almost nearly paid-off home to his wife, including the custody of his three kids by her. He sees these kids just periodically according to court’s order and at the discretionary behest of the wife who sometimes comes to the appointed custody visitation ground at a time of her choosing; just to punish and suffer this man. He could not take it any longer and now the rest is history with two women shot dead and the killer in death row awaiting the electric chair.
Nigerian man charged with shooting death of 36-year-old wife in America
Sad memories: Home of the Ebegbodi's where he killed his wife
Not too long ago, also, in Euless, a suburb of Dallas, another frustrated Nigerian husband, 45-year old Johnny Omorogieva from Edo State, Nigeria murdered his RN wife, Mrs. Isatu Omorogieva, 35, also of Edo State by savagely striking her on the head numerous times with a hammer in the full view of their 7-year old screaming daughter.
In Tulsa, Oklahoma a yet to be fully authenticated report has it that another Nigerian man recently bludgeoned his RN wife to death while she was fast asleep; following a traumatic life which she has subjected him to since turning into the majority bread winner of the family following her graduating from a nursing program.

Another Nigerian nut-case, Mr. John Onwuka, 49, from Akwete community of Ohafia Bende Local Government Area of Abia State was charged with one count each of homicide and use of a knife in the commission of a felony. He stabbed his RN wife of twenty five years, Mrs Gloria Uchechi Anya Onwuka age 42, fourteen times in her bedroom while she was getting ready to go to work. She was a nurse manager. Mr. John Onwuka committed this crime on the night of Saturday August 19, 2006 at the home of his wife in Estate Drive, Farmington, Hampton, Virginia with her children watching him act out his gory insanity.

"Yes I have killed the woman that messed my life up! A woman that had destroyed me. I am at Shalom West, my name is Michael and am all yours". With those words - a 911 call placed to the authorities, another Nigeria man has joined the infamous heinous club of Nigerian Men Wife Killers. Fifty year old Mr. Michael Collins Iheme  of Hennepin Minnesota placed the call above few minutes after shooting his twenty eight year old wife, Mrs. Anthonia Eberechi iheme, the mother of his 4 year old boy and 3 year old girl, to death.

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