Monday, 28 April 2014

Photos & Video: Football fan burst into flames during a match

Sebastian Borowski / 
This incredibly scary picture comes from Poland and a match played between Śląsk Wrocław and Zagłębie Lubin in Poland's top division – the Ekstraklasa.
The photograph was taken by Sebastian Borowski of the Newspix agency and published in Polish tabloid newspaper Fakt.

It shows the incredible moment a Zagłębie Lubin fan momentarily burst into flames while standing on a fence waving a flare.
A steward decided to walk over to the fan and fire tear gas at him, clearly not knowing anything about how combining such chemicals work, and as a result the fan burst into flames.
Amazingly the fan ran away after the incident seemingly unhurt.
It was all captured on a video of the 600 away fans captured from distance that you can see below.

You can see the fan with the flare climb up on the fence on the left hand corner of the screen and light his flare at about 40 seconds.
How did this fan burst into flames during a match?
Then at about 1:40 you can see the steward run up to him and fire his tear gas, engulfing the fan momentarily in flames, before the fan runs away.

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