Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Local Women Disarm 10 Boko Haram Terrorists

Unbelievable!!! Local Woman Disarm 10 Boko Haram Terrorists

We were stunned beyond words when we heard that some local women in the villages of Attagara and Kawuri in Borno State disarmed 10 Boko Haram terrorists.
These men had come to attack their villages over the weekend but ended up fighting for their lives when these women had used local charms among other things on them.

When these terrorists were rendered harmless, the women raised alarm and the community came along but three of the terrorists fled.

The seven that were unable to ran were lynched by an irate mob…The rest is history because they never survived it.
The terrorists had invaded the village on motorbikes yesterday but they ended up meeting these gallant women, they had tried hitting these women with sticks but their hands simply refused to descend.

Some of the villagers in Borno State have decided to fight Boko Haram instead of folding their hands and watch the sect kill them.
The vigilante youths who are called Civilian Joint Task Force have been doing a great job in making sure that they defend their villages.

In Kawuri village in Bama Local Government Area of Borno State, the group and the Nigerian Army had killed some of these terrorists yesterday.

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