Saturday, 10 May 2014

Zakky Azzay Set To Marry His Ex-wife’s Cousin

Unbelievable!!! Zakky Azzay Set To Marry His Ex-wife’s Cousin 
Wonders they said can never end, that is if what we are hearing is true, Zakky Azzay is rumoured to be getting set to be called a married man once again , and he is alleged to be involved with his ex-wife Hadiza Yadoo’s cousin, the pair are planning to get married and spend this life together and forever.

This relationship has caused a lot of troubles in the family of the bride to be and these issues have not be resolved, he has been asked to go and come back later for the payment of the bride’s dowry in the hometown of the lady in Benue.

It has not been agreed if the girl is going to get married to him , that is if parents would accept them as husband and wife. Hadiza was contacted and she was so angry with the reporter and asked that the media should mind their business.

We know that it would be difficult for that to happen not until the media gets to the root of the matter,Hadiza said she is not in touch with Zakky and have not gotten words about this from her people.

The affair started some years ago and he has been reportedly making his move to get married to this girl, and when Zakky was contacted , he had screamed too that he should be left alone, no comment he hissed.

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