Monday, 20 October 2014

Video: Woman KO man with one punch after he asks how much for sex

This man must have instantly regretted what he said to these Kazakh women.
After a night out on the tiles in the eastern Kazakh city of Atyrau, Kondrat Golubev rather foolishly asked a couple ofl ocal women how much they charged for sex.

This did not go down well at all as one of the women proceeded to wind back and floor the 32-year-old with one punch while her companion kicked him in his private parts.
Anatoli Pokrovski, who took the video, described the situation: ‘I was outside waiting for my girlfriend who was getting her coat when I saw an argument break out between the man and two women.
‘It was pretty shocking really, but what a punch.’
Police are currently looking for the two women and a spokesperson said: We have seen the video and believe the woman who threw the punch is trained in some form of martial arts.
‘The force behind that punch was so great we suspect this is not the first time she has hit something hard.’

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