Thursday, 26 March 2015

Dead woman wakes up in mortuary, undertaker collapse

Dead woman comes back to life in a coffin.

A 92-year-old woman who was pronounced clinically dead caused an undertaker so much fright when she woke up in the funeral home as she was being prepared for burial and asked the undertaker where she was.
The poor undertaker was so overtaken by fright that he promptly collapsed.

The shocking incident happened in Gelsenkirchen, Germany, when the undertaker was placing the woman in her coffin and she suddenly came back to life and groaned:  "Where am I?"
According to Latest, the elderly woman had been pronounced dead hours earlier by a doctor at a retirement home in the city of Gelsenkirchen and taken to the Munstermann funeral parlour.
When the funeral director recovered he saw the old woman lying in the coffin with both eyes open.
After checking her pulse, he called an ambulance which rushed to the scene to take the woman back to a local hospital.

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