Sunday, 22 March 2015

Man organises robbers to rob employer for being stingy

A security guard, who was arrested for organising robbers to attack his mistress’s home, has revealed that he and the housemaid planned it because the woman was too stingy.

The guard, Tunde Ajibike 27, and the maid, Angela, would have gotten away with the crime, but for the sloppy handling of the robbery operation by the three men who stormed the victim’s home on February 28, 2015.
The robbers, while robbing the house, carelessly mentioned the name of Ajibike, unaware that the mistress of the house, Mrs. Onyeka Uzoamaka, 35, a nurse, although petrified, was paying serious attention to them.

The woman said that the three men stormed her Ago Palace home around 8pm, armed to the teeth. She said that the robbers robbed her of N100, 000, jewelries and several handsets.

The bandits tied her with a rope to her bed and inflicted knife cut injury on her left ear. When they disappeared into the darkness, the angry woman confronted Ajibike.
The security man tried to deny it, but tipped his hands when he disappeared the following day from his duty post, taking all his possessions.

The guard ran away after Uzoamaka went to the hospital to treat her injured ear. Ajibike’s bolting confirmed Uzoamaka’s suspicion. She lodged a report with the police. The police immediately went after the guarantor who signed for Ajibike when he came to work as a guard. The man took police to Ibadan, there Ajibike was arrested.
He was arrested by a team of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS), Ikeja, Lagos State Police Command, led by the Officer in Charge of SARS, Mr. Abba Kyari.

Ajibike said: “I started working as a security guard for the woman at the monthly salary of N20, 000. I was given a small room in the compound. Part of my duty was to cut grasses, iron clothes, wash cars and sometimes even wash clothes. They fed me three times a day. They used to dashme money sometimes. They were generous to me. But it was the house girl, Angela, who called me one day. She said that we should rob our employer. She said the woman has money, but was very stingy. She said we should arrange boys to rob house.”

 Ajibike, who said he came to Lagos through a local vet, held that he got the security job through the housemaid. 
He confessed to the crime and how he organised three others to carry out the operation.

Recounting how he and Angela hatched and perfected the crime, Ajibike said that he gave the housemaid the phone numbers of the robbers and she finalised the deal. On February 28, the bandits struck.

Ajibike narrated: “The robbers were three in number. They arrived in the afternoon. I opened the gate for them. Angela and I hid them behind the water tank in the compound. They did not come with any weapon. The cutlasses they used were picked in the compound. Around 8pm, they entered the main building. This was easy because the doors were open.  I went with them into madam’s room.
“Her husband had travelled to their village. I had already begged them not to harm the woman. One of the robbers, Skelewu, mentioned my name to the hearing of madam. They did not touch Angela. I ran away that night after the operation because the woman suspected I was the person that organised the robbery. Since then, I’ve not set my eyes on the three men.”
Despite Ajibike’s defence, SARS men did not buy the story about Angela’s involvement in the robbery. Angela was not arrested.

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