Friday, 10 April 2015

Woman steals ex-boyfriend's sperms during sex for rituals

A man has accused his ex-lover of stealing his sperm for rituals.

A Bulawyo, Zimbabwe businessman, Marshall Joseph Stuart, has narrated how his former lover, Pia Tanja Woolf, stole his sperm during sex and used it to cast a spell on him.
The revelation came when he started behaving strangely and his friends had to be taken to a traditional healer who revealed the source of his new behaviour.

Stuart said Woolfe allegedly stole his sperms during sex and used them to make a charm that she used to controlled him.
"I feared her. I was like her little puppy and this all began the night she came and secretly harvested my sperms.
You cannot start to imagine what I went through and the things I ended up doing and the number of traditional healers I had to see to try and get rid of the spell that had been cast on me.
I visited every area of Bulawayo, with people referring me to different healers and even other places. I would be made to perform many rituals and cannot even begin to tell you the things I was asked to do, like run around naked in the bush, even in the rain."
To make matters worse, Stuart could not move on nor have sexual relations with other women.
"I could not even sleep with any other woman, my manhood would not respond. That is when I finally tracked Pia's tracks to find the person who had cast the spell on me, and he removed it.
Now I am better but to be honest I am so bitter."

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