Tuesday, 7 March 2017

How Shameless Married Woman Allegedly Sleeping with Her Childhood Lover Was Exposed

A married woman’s illicit affair with her childhood lover was discovered in her mobile phone forcing her to pack her belongings and leave the house last week, H-metro reports.

The woman identified as Nyengeterai Murombo was married for six years before she was exposed. Her illicit affair with married Justice Makoni of Marondera in Zimbabwe was discovered in their conversation on Whatsapp.

The 32-year-old Nyeketerai’s husband James Vhezha, 34, told H-Metro that the former packed her belongings out of shame.

“Nyadzi dzinokunda rufu my brother, my wife failed to explain anything after I confronted her about her WhatsApp conversation with Justice Makoni,” said James.

“She packed her belongings and left the house and later came back accompanied by her younger sister Fortunate Murombo; the one you published last year for bedding five men.

“I want to believe that it is a demon in their family because the chats I discovered showed that she was begging Justice to come to my matrimonial house for s*x.

“It unbelievable brother, I took the issue to her mother and they all felt sorry for me and asked me to excuse her.

“She went on to provoke me by collecting the bed and a television set behind my back while I was away only to find the house empty.

“She would take a bath with her mobile phone by her waist and would come home late sometimes and I smelt a rat leading me to closely monitor and see her pin code used to secure her messages.

“She left the phone and I quickly went through it and discovered the messages. I feel sorry for my two children brother and it is unbearable.

“My neighbours advised her not to collect goods in my absence but her younger sister Fortunate created a scene and I want to believe that she was celebrating my separation since she left her marriage in the same way.

“My wife leads in the praise and worship team at Ebenezer Assembly in AFM and I wonder what she teaches her churchmates,” said James showing the WhatsApp chats.

Nyengeterai denied the allegations accusing James of sending messages to Justice.

“Justice is my ex-boyfriend, James is the one who first sent him a message and Justice, since he loves me, responded positively unaware that the phone was with my husband,” said Nyengeterai.

“I decided to pack my belongings because James was abusing me daily asking me to cook food for his second wife Rejoice who eloped recently.

“He is not a responsible man; one of our children is not going to school because he failed to pay school fees only to impregnate another woman.

“My mother asked me to leave the marriage and I approached police at St Mary’s to help me recover my mobile phone from James,” said Nyengeterai.

Contacted for comment, Justice denied knowing Nyengeterai asking H-Metro to send the chats first to him.

“I do not know anyone by that name and it’s funny to me, if you could send me the chats brother,” said Justice saying he was about to attend church service.

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