Tuesday, 7 March 2017

If you see this woman on a dating app you may want to block her

If you see this woman on a dating app you may want to block her

Police are hunting for a con artist suspected of scamming £200,000 from at least one victim – after meeting him on a dating app.
The woman met the victm on Match.com and they started an online ‘relationship’ for around a year.

Claiming that she lived in the Bahamas but worked in South Africa she duped her victim, a 43-year-old Brit from Manchester, into handing over vast amounts of cash.
During hours of long-distance video calls and messaging, the victim believed he would see his cash returned.
Communicating via Skype and internet messaging apps the brunette uses three different names – Christy Dunn, Martha Cameron and Miranda Stinson.

If you see this woman on a dating app you may want to block her

Police do not know the woman’s true identity and do not even know how old she is.
Investigating officers suspect she also was connected to Botswana and London – and possibly part of an organised crime syndicate operating across the country.
Avon and Somerset Police issued a photograph of the woman, ahead of a Crimewatch appeal which aired last night.

If you see this woman on a dating app you may want to block her
Detective constable Simon Da Costa said: ‘Within ten months of them meeting online, the offender made multiple requests to the victim for money.
‘The victim was manipulated into giving this money firstly by the promise of a relationship, then emotional blackmail and the promise of the return of his money, and finally by threats.

If you see this woman on a dating app you may want to block her

‘Some of this money was paid into accounts with links to Bristol.
‘We believe this scam is likely to be part of a wider criminal operation targeting lonely and vulnerable people online.
‘We really need to find this woman, so if you have information about where she may be, or if you have also been a victim, please call us.’

Conversation with a con artist

Martha Cameron: ‘I received very disappointing news from my friend in Nassau.’
Victim: ‘Oh dear?’
Martha Cameron: ‘Told you I’ve been trying to reach her right? Well, she was supposed to help me with the registration fee of the exhibition.’
Martha Cameron: ‘I’ve been working several weeks towards this and I was hoping she would lend me some money as i’m skint now.
Martha Cameron: ‘I saw her email this morning that she couldn’t raise the money.’
Victim: ‘Oh dear that’s terrible.’
Martha Cameron: ‘I know she has her own responsibilities but I just wish she had told me earlier.’
Martha Cameron: ‘It made me cry this morning, because I’ve been waiting a while for her on this.’
Victim: ‘How much is the fee?’
Martha Cameron: ‘Feels like my dream got crushed.’
Martha Cameron: ‘It’s $1000 and the deadline is near.’
Victim: ‘What if I raised the cash for you?’
Martha Cameron: ‘$1000 for regular and $1500 for VIP stands and accommodation.’
Martha Cameron: ‘I would really appreciate it darling, it would mean a lot to me if you could do that’
Martha Cameron: ‘You have no idea how much it would mean to me.’
Victim: ‘I can appreciate how much it would as its the thing you do in your life.’
Victim: ‘So it will be helping you life to achieve new goals’
Martha Cameron: ‘Yes, it’s a big step for my career’
Martha Cameron: ‘I don’t know if you can raise me the $1500 because i would have preferred the VIP stands as we are the first stop for clients. it’ll boost my chances of making sales and also better services.’
Martha Cameron: ‘I think its £980.’
Victim: ‘So the 1500 gets you a better place and then sorts out accommodation too.’
Martha Cameron: ‘Yes darling.’

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