Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Oued Zem: Moroccan town where people earn money by duping men into performing lewd acts on camera and then blackmailing them

Colombian pornstar Dayana Perez Sosa

British men are constant targets of the scammers in Oued Zem. According to a report by The Sun, these victims pay up to £800 have their embarrassing clips destroyed. These men are desperate to pay so that the clips are not sent to their family and friends.
In 2015, 385 Britons reported cases of sextortion. In 2016, the number of cases reported was 1,245 according to the National Crime Agency Statistics.

Up to 3,000 people in one Moroccan town are earning money by duping men into performing lewd acts on camera and then blackmailing them, it has emerged. One former scammer revealed how he and three others used images of Colombian porn star Dayana Perez Sosa (pictured) without her knowledge as a way of tricking victims
One of the scammers, a man, revealed to The Sun how they pulled these scams off. Hamzer Danjer who is now in prison said his team of four used pictures of a Colombian porn star to deceive men. The name of the pornstar is Dayana Perez Sosa.

The sextortion business makes a lot of money yearly by blackmailing young professionals. Blackmailing gangs select their victims on dating sites, LinkedIn and on Facebook. They look out for men who have the ability to pay fast and have a lot at stake.
Oued Zem, 100 miles south east of Casablanca, has been dubbed the sextortion capital of the world with criminals increasingly targeting British men
The government of Morocco is doing something about sexual blackmail. It has detained more than 350 people, most of them from Oued Zem which has a population of 90,000.
Morocco has also created several cyber crime units to battle the sextortion industry.
Other countries involved in the sexual blackmail industry are Ivory Coast and the Philippines.

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