Thursday, 21 September 2017

Chinese wife drags husband's lover by hair on the street

An angry wife pulled her husband's lover off the car by grabbing her hairThe scorned wife pushed her to the ground before an interrogation

An alleged mistress was dragged onto the middle of a busy road by a scorned wife in China.

Mobile phone footage captures the wife, wearing a black t-shirt with an union jack logo, pulling a young woman out of a black SUV.

The alleged mistress cried out loud as the woman pushed her to the ground and pulled her hair.

Video uploaded to Weibo, a Twitter-like social media site, today has about 7,000 views.
The wife caught her husband giving a young woman in blue top a ride in a black SUV in a Chinese city.
'I have caught you once before and I held my temper for it. But this time, I can't stand it anymore,' said the short-haired wife.

She yelled and shouted in the video, saying the alleged mistress worked at her restaurant as waitress. 
'Are you ashamed for what you've done?' She asked while pulling her hair.
The young woman cried and replied: 'I didn't do anything!' 
A man with glasses and navy top, believed to be the wife's husband, stood aside as the duo were arguing on the street.

'I can explain everything,' said the man softly.

One female onlooker walked past and told the trio to figure out the family matters at home.

However, the furious wife said she could no longer hold her anger.

'If you want a divorce, I would agree and I can do it tomorrow. I can't stand people like you anymore.'

The young woman managed to get up with a messy hair covering her eyes.

She attempted to retrieve her phone from the man's car but got told off by the wife.

The man unlocked the car door for her and she walked away after getting her mobile.

The video ended as the heartbroken wife complaining that 'all the money earned by my hard work were spent on the mistress!' 

The wife, in union jack logo t-shirt, was full of rage on the street as she would not let go of the hairThe alleged mistress cried out loud and claimed she didn't seduce the man

The wife vowed to divorce her husband the next dayThe mistress asked to get her phone back from the car

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