Friday, 13 October 2017

Ex-boyfriend of White Widow ‘killed in drone strike’ says he’s ‘glad’ she’s dead

Ex-boyfriend of White Widow 'killed in drone strike' says he's 'glad' she's dead

The ex-boyfriend of Britain’s most wanted female terrorist, Sally Jones, has said he is ‘glad’ she was killed by a US drone strike. 

Darren Dixon was in a relationship with Jones, known as the ‘White Widow’, and is believed to be the father of Jones’s 12-year-old son, JoJo, who she took with her to Syria. The 50-year-old woman is believed to have been killed in a US drone attack in June as she tried to flle the group’s stronghold in Raqqa, though US intelligence chiefs say they cannot be 100% sure as no attempts were made to recover her DNA.

Ex-boyfriend of White Widow 'killed in drone strike' says he's 'glad' she's dead

Mr Dixon has since told MailOnline: ‘I’m f****** glad she’s dead’, while speaking outside the tower block where he lives in Kings Norton, Birmingham.

He refused to give any further details about his son. Meanwhile, Jones’s older son, Jonathon Wilkinson, 21, told the site: ”I don’t know anything about it. It’s all bulls***.’ According to reports, Jones, who went by the name of Umm Hussain Britaniyah, wanted to return to the UK but was allegedly forced to stay by her husband’s friends.

Ex-boyfriend of White Widow 'killed in drone strike' says he's 'glad' she's dead
                                        Jones and her son were bought to Syria by her husband Junaid Hussain

Her son Jojo was allegedly brainwashed by the terror group and was used in propaganda videos to show him executing captured prisoners.

He reportedly did not want to leave the terror group after being brought to Syria by Jones and her young lover Junaid Hussain in 2013. It is unclear whether JoJo was with Jones when she was killed in the attack. US officials had told British military commanders about the attack but they did not disclose details in case her son had been killed.

Reports say he could have been used as a human shield and killed in the strike. Jones, from Chatham, Kent, was understood to be on a hit list of foreign fighters who US-led coalition forces were trying to attack as they were perceived to be a threat to the West. She is believed to have been heading toward the Syrian border settlement of Mayadin when she was struck a drone being controlled remotely in the US. Sources said the strike would have been abandoned if they knew the boy would be killed. It is not known where Jones exactly was when she was targeted.

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