Thursday, 19 October 2017

Marvelous God! After 18 miscarriages, woman has first child at 48

Louise Warneford, 48, had her first child after 18 miscarriages and £80,000 spent on IVF treatments.

The British woman endured countless rounds of IVF for over 16 years before a specialist discovered the reason for her miscarriages.

At 47, Warneford discovered she had killer cells which caused her several miscarriages but still gave it a last attempt.

She conceived using a donated embryo, after which their baby, William, was born through C-section at 37 weeks.

“Mark and I had been trying for a baby since I was 32. We’d suffered 18 miscarriages and spent £80,000 but looking at William now, it was all worth it,” she told Daily Mail.

“I’m not the spring chicken that I used to be and it does take me a while to chase him around the floor but it’s worth it.

“We went to a fertility specialist to find out about the quickest way of conceiving, and they suggested a sperm insemination.

“So we found a donor who had the same attributes as Mark and I and we went along with the process. I fell pregnant a number of times with the insemination, but every single time I ended up losing the baby around the 14-week scan mark as they couldn’t find the heartbeat.

“Each time I got my hopes up and thought that “this was it” and I was going to have the perfect family I’d always wanted – I couldn’t stop crying every time I miscarried.

“We decided to try IVF but despite falling pregnant a number of times, we always lost the baby. It was a complete mystery why my body kept rejecting my baby at just a few weeks old but it was heart-breaking every single time.”

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